Be the best in your business: career, money, lifestyle! Tap into your highest potential, and step into the life you always imagined, and the life you and your family deserve. Identify what makes your clients beat, and how to go about effectively, and efficiently creating the business you wanted when you first started!

Get it straight. It’s always about what you don’t know.

Small business owners can achieve financial stability quicker than large companies!

Guy has been in the mission of changing businesses for the better, for 35 years. He is creating outstanding results all over the world rapidly and sustainably. You don’t need 2 years or more to make it a success; what you need is the right guidance and tools.


My expertise and now my mission is to positively empower others leading a rapid business growth

Achieving durable brand visibility starts with strong business foundations. For this, you need financial discipline. You can learn how, and you should, because it’s your success and your freedom! Durable growth requires stability and discipline.

The reality is that all companies, regardless of size or situation, can achieve just that!

Scale Up Your Biz’s mission is to teach business owners all the insides of a successful business for them to recreate the same in their own companies.

We have designed outstanding tools to empower business owners and top executives like you get better results faster than you thought possible and with proven formulas to guarantee your success.

We create undeniable results for you to

sustainably and rapidly grow your business.

Whether it is a simple or complex challenge, the ambition of any business owner is to accelerate their growth, go further and multiply their impact.

You imagined your business to thrive, striking your customers with excellence and bespoke services. Nonetheless, you’re already working at the edge of your abilities, and your business owns every spare minute of your life.

I serve my clients by teaching them how to create a solid financial basis, thus empowering them to grow their businesses sustainably, acquire a genuine competitive edge and enable them to navigate challenging business environments successfully.

Wondering when are you gonna

bridge the Gap?

1:1 Coaching

Live Events



WE train and empower entrepreneurs worldwide, enabling them to

Successfully accelerate and increase their sales revenue and  profit

Get and close deals faster

Develop and effectively implement game-changing business strategies

Move from corporate to a prosperous entrepreneur

You don’t have to needlessly embark on a long journey to success when you can learn how to get there quicker

I share the methods I use to turn my passion into success. This will help any business owner to achieve success in all aspects of life. Learn proven strategies and techniques to gain advantage and master new sources of income, through financial literacy and education. You will go home with a goal, a plan and a business strategy that will support you in achieving financial freedom.

I don’t believe in magic results. There is no “one size fits all” solution to deal with your business. I know this firsthand. Here is what I do believe: I do believe in rapid ones with the right methods. I want to teach entrepreneurs how to grow sustainably. I have worked with the most influential and sharpest business owners of Europe, and I have a track record of proven success.  That’s why I want to pass on this knowledge to my clients.




Driven by Commitment with your Success

I serve my clients by teaching them how to create a solid financial basis, thus empowering them to sustainably grow their businesses, acquire a genuine competitive edge and enable them to successfully navigate challenging business environments.
At that’s my strength!

Leveraging the discipline of the Chief Financial Officer to develop the aggressivity of the Chief Revenue Officer 

Bespoke training for unique people


One size does not fit all, and every client’s requirements are unique. We will help you to spot the business opportunities awaiting you.

We will transform opportunities into a successful business, supporting you in getting clarity over your business at all levels.

Building a Game-changing Plan, sharing the Top Secrets to accelerate your Business Growth and Reaching Unimaginable Targets.

Unleash your extraordinary skills and grow into an exceptional business


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We offer a range of service levels to suit varying client needs and requests volume. All service packages are personalized and can be upgraded to higher levels upon request

My ultimate goal is to help others who strive for more in life and want to create the lifestyle of their dreams.


Guy Freiburghaus

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