Entrepreneur of a start-up?
See how we can help you find solutions to sourcing capital, reformulate strategy (including marketing and sales), and tighten your admin to put you (back) on the right path.

Our next seminar is for YOU!

Learn more about our 6-week challenge
and master your own finances!

Essentially, your financial opportunities will
always and only match your finance skills!

The programme:

Week 1 Understanding business and revenue models
(the key to your success!)
Week 2 Budgeting, forecasting and cash management for your business
Week 3 Operational cash and investment funds
Week 4 Cash flow, ROI, deal selection and due diligence
Week 5 How to read balance sheets and get ready for an audit
Week 6 Recapitulation and Q/A
#1 Education Based Marketing and digital products
#2 Marketing Funnels
#3 Automated email marketing
#4 Running your online campaign
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Let Capital Find You!
ScaleUpYourBIZ (free) Financial Seminar

5 reasons why you should attend this seminar (you want to)

  1. Generate money, without money.
  2. Leverage your assets.
  3. Attract more investors.
  4. Increase the value of your business.
  5. Learn Education Based Marketing.


    Learn the Rule of 72 (investors best practice)

  6. NEXT 23 points you should always take into account for the success of your business!
    Business continuity plan
    Business management
    Business plan
    Buying a business
    Cash flow
    Cash management
    Growing a business
    Marketing strategies
    Mitigating risks
    Product launch
    Sales strategy
    Scaling up a business
    Selling a business
    Small business marketing
    Strategic planning




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